Polish artist, Brodka has delivered her captivating and dark video for her latest single 'Santa Muerte,' which comes from her recently released album Clashes. The visuals feature a Japanese Butoh dancer in a dystopian setting to express the themes of life, death and the afterlife.

"When I first watched the documentary "Dance Of Darkness" it completely blew my mind," Brodka said. "I've never seen anything like that before. It was very theatrical, expressive but actually Butoh dancing is something unclassifiable and totally unique. For me Butoh is a dance of life and death, light and darkness. I automatically connected it with the story from Santa Muerte. The video is about a journey which is a metaphor of life. The journey ends by the river which is the border of life. That's where we meet death but actually who's death is it in the video? In the magical ritual they're crossing the border to the afterlife and becoming light. Shooting this video was a magical experience for me and all the crew."