The Oakland-based artist/producer Broke For Free has a new album, BFF, due out later this month. And if the single 'Jibberish' is any indication, the album is going to be pretty fucking fun.

On 'Jibberish,' Broke For Fun enlists the help of Awon, a Virginia-based emcee who engages in some delightful wordplay over a warm, nostalgia-laced beat. Awon describes the track as "a cross-pollination of genres with a feel-good vibe that oozes positivity with an air of cool."

The song's video, directed and animated by Broke For Free himself, is a surreal yet entrancing oddity. The best summary would be lips on inanimate objects, but you should really just watch for yourself, which you can do up above.

Keep your eyes open for Broke For Free's BFF, due out soon.