Label: Unsigned Link: Myspace Generalising all emerging Scottish bands for one moment, they can be divided up into two camps. In the first camp, musicians so fed up of being rained on all the time and after one too many sunshine-less summers have become bitter, twisted and utterly miserable see: Frightened Rabbit, Glasvegas, The Twilight Sad etc... and in the second, a group of musicians that exude a playful exuberance at a chance to escape the rotten weather and perhaps maybe have an opportunity to see the sun as the rays deflect through the window of a particularly dusty room: Dananananaykroyd Bronto Skylift, with songtitles like 'Burt Bacharacnid', 'Gameboy' and 'Transgenderbenderender' present themselves as one of the fun-loving cheery group, but that's just what they want you to think. The opening 'tribute' to Bacharach revolves around a menacing scream of 'This is what I want. This is how its gonna happen', like a kidnapper surveying a room of hostages and detailing an imminent rape or something equally horrific. 'The White Crow' is a manically dark album that is like watching someone's sanity slowly unravel inside a hall of mirrors, there's so much going on, and it's all pretty disturbing. Every conceivable barrier to social interaction is dealt with in the same manner: anguished howling punctuated by stabs of noise. Totally drenched in paranoia, pain and anxiety, this album sounds like the end result of a day where the protagonist has had his partner break up with him, been threatened with violence by the school bully and then told he has a few days to live, long enough to record this rather disturbed creation. If you think Rolo Tomassi are too keen on the odd moment of calm then Bronto Skylift will feed your hunger for unrelenting aggression. Still they do occasionally take a slight rest from their convincingly unhinged outlook from time to time. One of their more relaxed efforts 'Gameboy' is almost funky, set to a hypnotic chorus that would make the Sugarhill Gang proud, without compromising the intensity of the music. 'Eagle/Falcon' is great just for the overt paranoia and the huge, thundering riff that introduces it. The White Crow is as fine a present-day hardcore/math-core album as anyone could ask for. Lively, unashamedly insane and louder than an exploding Hawaiian shirt. Just plain brilliant. Photobucket