Featuring stirring orchestral arrangements, vivid imagery drawn from New York's Hudson Valley and gorgeous vocals, alt-folk artist Juliet Quick and her new single, 'Changeling Part I,' showcase a fully realized artistic vision rather than a work in-progress.

Quick, a 24-year-old currently living in Brooklyn, has already done a deep dive into the city's music scene, where she frequently hosts shows to fund raise for progressive causes. Now, as she prepares the release of her Changeling EP -- set for release on April 6 -- Quick has begun sharing beauties like 'Changeling Part I.' Featuring her ethereal, Sharon Van Etten-like vocals and an absolutely breathtaking strings composition, the track offers a peek into Quick's mind and how she sees the world.

Impeccably recorded and written, 'Changeling Part I' is the work of a confident artist with a distinctive vision. Artists can rarely accomplish this when they are 74, let alone 24. But Quick's vision for her music is clear, crisp and incredibly moving.

"This is the first section, which establishes the mood and visual landscape," says Quick. "Its instrumentation is orchestral and its form fairly experimental, shifting between driving and spare. Definitely supposed to be a bit ominous/spooky but in kind of a placid, building way that reflects the movement described in the song (driving, riding a train, the movement of the river)."

Stream Juliet Quick's 'Changeling Part I' below and stay tuned for her Changeling EP, due out on April 6. It should be a stunner. New Yorkers interested in seeing Quick play some tunes live can also get tickets for her show tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Elsewhere in Brooklyn.