The dissonant hiss that introduces Sara Kendall's new single 'Daydream' serves as a bit of sleight-of-hand -- the song's immense beauty temporarily shrouded by a chaotic shriek of noise. That's an apt metaphor for the song writ large, as Kendall translates the contradictions and complexities of love with a troubled partner with terrific clarity.

Massachusetts-born but Brooklyn-based, Kendall has developed a reputation for her dark and foreboding brand of pop. Her lyrics often tilt toward the dark and the production is usually shaped to match. On the surface, 'Daydream' may seem like more of the same, but in actuality, the song has a life-affirming message at its core.

Musically, the song does seem a bit grim. That aforementioned hiss begins the proceedings with some heavy synths quickly following. But the track's heart-lifting sounds builds as shimmering cymbals and twinkling piano enters the mix in the back-half. Lyrically, Kendall seems to be grappling with a lover who is depressed and distant. She describes how her partner looks "at everything gravely" with heavy, vacant eyes. But through it all, she remains optimistic that love will carry the day.

"I wrote 'Daydream' in a much lighter mindset than my past releases," says Kendall. "It’s about convincing someone to be with you and takes a positive standpoint on the odds. It’s a collaboration between my bandmate, Alex Coco, and I, so we were both able to come at it from our different angles and piece something together."

You can stream Sara Kendall's 'Daydream' up above. It is excellent, so be prepared to spin it at least a few times.