Monograms, the Brooklyn band masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Ian Jacobs, draws from a wealth of inspiration and reference-points -- 80s pop, 90s electronic, experimental art. All of the group's many influences have fed into a larger vision that will be on display on Monograms' debut record, Living Wire.

But while some of the band's songs draw from a multiple eclectic sources, the new single 'Don't Fight For It' is a straightforward homage to the highs of 80s alt-radio pop.

Ostensibly a song about "finding yourself and letting go in this crazy world," to use Jacobs' words, 'Don't Fight For It' revels in a sound embedded in the DNA of an entire generation. Monograms' version of this sound captures the raw emotion at the heart of all the best songs of the era, infused with a little modernity, both in sound and spirit.

"'Don't Fight For It' is inspired by some of the 80s-era music I grew up on, a time when the radio air waves were filled with some really incredible music," explains Jacobs. "[It was] a really positive time for popular music of substance but also an era that gave way to musicians creating their own independent voices, with the musical movements in Manchester and early DIY college radio."

You can stream 'Don't Fight For It' above and be sure to check out the Monograms' debut LP Living Wire when it drops on Sept. 20 via PaperCup Music.