A few weeks ahead of the release of their new EP Nusrat on the Beach, the widely acclaimed Brooklyn dream pop group Humeysha is dropping a new single, 'Beauty in All."

The song aims to unpack "ideas of who or what we are attracted to through of questioning in both languages -- Urdu and English -- as well as their musical cultures." The track also makes fascinating use of field recordings Zain Alam (the mastermind behind Humeysha) made during conversations with fellow Muslims about ideas like sexuality and religion.

Made in collaboration with the artist Jorge Elbrecht, 'Beauty in All' is true to its mission, finding beauty in grandiose concepts through its perceptive mixing of language, themes and sound. There are a lot of dreamy pop bands out there, but very few, if any of them are operating at the intersection Humeysha finds itself at now.

You can stream 'Beauty in All' up above and be sure to check out Humeysha's Nusrat on the Beach EP when it drops on Aug. 2.