Being young is so confusing. We don’t realize it’s happening until it’s gone, then we’re left with a series of memories and far too many regrets for such a short period of time, relative to the rest of our lives. It is our most formative time, and though we all have unique experiences, it’s telling how many young people feel that no one understands them. Well, Brooklyn duo Via Intercom has written a new album that puts all cards on the table, and though the story can feel sad, it is universal and cathartic. Listen to Buzz Buzz Buzz Vertigo below exclusively on the 405 ahead of its release tomorrow. Pre-order it on Bandcamp today.

This is not your ordinary coming-of-age concept album. Buzz Buzz Buzz Vertigo navigates social situations and emotional quandaries through a series of characters who are still discovering themselves. The record opens up by addressing the track’s namesake Helen, introducing an imaginary friend, and toying with the concept of death, all under a calm swelling of brass and gentle strums of a guitar. Wide movements of strings are common throughout its fourteen tracks, with DIY production that feels intimate. Even with numerous prose passages dotting several tracks, the rhythm of the record marches forward, stretching syllables and grinding vocals through a vocoder.

Both Maggie Colgan and Stevie Jick lend their voices to the project, though Colgan takes on the role of narrator while Jick handles most of the melodies; this small detail becomes important when you begin to recognize their complementary perspectives. Jick is the both “the single boy, the lonely boy,” as well as the one who’s beaten him on 'Only Boy'. He is Wanda’s friend, Jonny’s secret admirer, and a timid partner to the prom queen. Colgan is an omniscient figment, often from the viewpoint of the female characters, though identities blur as the album wears on. Was it Carrie narrating this whole time? Or Harper T, or Chip Wesley…or maybe it doesn’t matter.

"Stevie says we were playing playmobil with our memories. I think we were with our feelings, too - housing them, giving them names, building grand and emotional scenescapes for them." - Maggie Colgan, Via Intercom

Buzz Buzz culminates with a 'Chorus of 1000 Yanks'. It is a reprise with closure, a grand finale with purpose. Via Intercom don’t have any answers, not even to their own questions, but they are still here. While their pasts may be permanent, their experiences continue to teach them. Lock the door behind you, check the weather before you go; you are not alone in this life, and you will make it through.