As Washer has teased their second LP, All Aboard, over the past few months, there has been a palpable excitement from those awaiting the release. Advanced singles like 'Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine' are as good as anything you've heard this year, and the duo of drummer Kieran McShane and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Mike Quigley have followed with a damn fine full-length, which is streaming here on The 405.

Recorded in Brooklyn and Vermont, and packed with 15 tracks, All Aboard is tightly constructed and compelling follow-up to the band's debut, Here Comes Washer. Washer's uncluttered style has been refined upon here, as all of the album's tracks are concise and compelling. It certainly doesn't hurt that they are also packed with melodies that you'll find yourself humming or singing for days to come.

Give All Aboard a listen below and then buy yourself a copy here from Exploding In Sound Records. And trust us, you'll want this one.

  • 15 September - Sunnyvale (Album Release Show w/Patio, Ubetcha & Maneka); Brooklyn, NY