Like a shot in the arm, Brooklyn post-punk outfit Big Bliss has come roaring into 2018 with some killer songs, packed with hooks, poignancy and power. The band is set to drop a 7" tomorrow through Exit Stencil Recordings and, on the B-side of that 7", will be the fantastic 'Override.'

Featuring layers of blistering guitars, surprisingly dreamy vocals, and an anthemic chorus, 'Override' lives up to the band's name -- it is a mighty blissful listen sonically. But the track's lyrics delve into some timely subject material, as vocalist Tim Race says the song was informed by the past year's reckoning for sexual abusers.

"'Override' was written in a period that we were mainly turning out lighter, poppier stuff, and we felt the need to try out a more aggressive sound," the band explains. "Quickly the draft lyrics became about examining power dynamics and, once the song was recorded, the final lyrics were heavily influenced by recent, important revelations within the #MeToo movement.

"We turned out with our heaviest song to date, a dark one describing a difficult topic. The tense, growly instrumentation made this one feel appropriate as a place to work out some of our anger and disgust that so many have felt."

Stream Big Bliss' 'Override' below and be sure to order a copy of their new 7" here.