Brooklyn power pop outfit UV Rays are preparing to release their debut EP, Try and Begin, which is due out on March 1. But while the group may just be breaking out, their new single 'Flowerhead' indicates that their larger-than-life sound could quickly carry them to enormous heights.

Featuring drummer Erica Warner on lead vocals -- UV Rays trades off lead vocals among its three members -- 'Flowerhead' is a thundering pop-rock showcase, with stuttering guitars and an arena-ready vocal hook. The song is also an unapologetic and surprisingly touching ode to those who accept and love others unconditionally.

"The term 'flowerhead' is one that I've used to describe my super imaginative mind," says Warner. "When I think of what the inside of my brain looks like, I always imagine a crazy overgrown and beautiful garden. The song is about being enamored with someone and finding comfort in that person, so much so that you can really let your freak flag fly without judgment."

Check out the video for 'Flowerhead' up above. UV Rays' Try and Begin comes out on March 1.