Few debuts this year will have a stronger sense of time, place and memory that of Fascinations Grand Chorus, a Jersey City duo that seamlessly blends timeless pop sounds with lyrics that tap into the pervasive, inescapable modern ennui that grips so many today. The results, showcased on the band's upcoming LP Presentations of Electrical Confectionery, are delightful.

The album's lead single, 'Can't Let Go,' tells a familiar story of unrequited love. But what separates the track is the way Stephanie Cupo's lyrical yarn of dissatisfaction and frustration is complemented by the '60s surfpop foundations formed by her keys and Andrew Pierce's drums. The rollicking vintage nature of the music acts as a propellant for Cupo's self-proclaimed inability to let go.

You can stream 'Can't Let Go' from Fascinations Grand Chorus above, and be sure to check out their album Presentations of Electrical Confectionery when it drops Oct. 25 via Silent Stereo Recordings.