The Brooklyn four-piece Native Sun are preparing the release of a new EP, Always Different, Always The Same, due out this November. The rip-roaring quartet is previewing that record with a new single, the ode to immigrant empowerment 'Big Succ(ess).'

The track steps on the pedal from the moment it starts with Alexis Castro's pounding kick drum and dissonant guitars. Things hardly let up from there as frontman Danny Gomez sneers and snarls his way around the explosive instrumentals of Castro, guitarist Jake Pflum and bassist Mo Martinez.

"'Big Succ(ess)' sheds light on the empowerment of the immigrant experience and identity," explains Native Sun. The song is meant to capture "the ability to oppression and detriment to breed passion."

Check out Native Sun's 'Big Succ(ess)' up above and be sure to check out their Always Different, Always The Same EP when it drops on Nov. 9 via Papercup Music.