Bands like ABC and Prefab Sprout helped make "sophisti-pop," a brand of synthpop fused with elements of jazz and soul, into a brief sensation. But that niche genre has been enjoying a much-welcomed resurgence thanks to the compelling work of a group like Flash Trading. Hailing from Brooklyn, the duo, composed of producer Michael Julius and vocalist Dani Laundry, is planning to release an EP later this year. And if the group's sensational new single 'On Display' is any indication, that record could well be one of the year's most engaging pop offerings.

Featuring a throbbing synthline through the song's verses, 'On Display' initially pulses with 'Blue Monday'-style energy before opening into a lush expanse of warm chords as Laundry's ethereal voice draws the listener in tight. The track is a testament to the diverse talents of Laundry and Julius, who display a rare versatility as well as a clear understanding of what has made some of the best '80s pop stand the test of time.

According to Julius, "The song interrogates how media platforms deprive us of our empathy by making distant acquaintances seem like B-list celebrities."

The song's video, directed by Hanchang Sohn, also confirms that the group has a keen taste for the absurd. Laundry and Julius star as researchers studying how people wrangle with grapefruit. "Hanchang's video idea fit the pace and mood of the song gloriously," says Julius, who describes the video as "a nihilistic competition that everyone involved takes all too seriously."

So watch the video for 'On Display' up above and stay tuned for more information from Flash Trading on their forthcoming EP, due out later this year.