Hadiru Mahdi is a little-known British rapper and spoken-word poet that goes by the name Brother Portrait. He's only got 502 followers on Instagram and right now he's also only got one (free) mixtape out. It's called navigate: in limbo and it's dope.

Over the course of the eleven-track debut EP, Mahdi meditates on what it means to be black in Britain. Being of Sierra Leoneon descent but growing up in south London's Lambeth borough, Mahdi reflects on everything from feeling lost and "out of your skin" to celebrating the fighting "pride in the panther".

Reminiscent of K-Dot's Overly Dedicated with similarly heartfelt social commentary and warm unpolished vibes, navigate: in limbo is a great listen. Sonics aside, Brother Portrait is just cool.

See for yourself in the music video for lead single 'Seeview/Rearview' directed by Nadira Amrani:

Brother Portrait's debut EP is available to stream via soundcloud: