Each summer, there is a parade of new tracks from aspiring artists, jostling with one another for attention and exposure. Few, however, are anywhere near as strong as 'want to be,' the debut single from TABRE TANSRIC.

TABRE TANSRIC is the project of Lucia and Tucker Vento, siblings from Pittsburgh, Pa. Tucker operates mostly behind the boards, offering layers of moody and ethereal production, using a minimalist style that achieves a maximalist effect. Lucia's vocal performances, meanwhile, truly are a tour de force. On 'want to be,' a track that seems to both toy with and embrace the conventions of electropop, both of the Ventos find themselves in top-tier form for their debut.

" 'want to be' is about finally realizing that you’re in the exact place you want to be after fighting that exact notion for a while," says Lucia. "It was created the way most of our songs have been so far. I came in with a chord progression, lyrics and a melody for a bit of the song, and Tucker was feeling it so he went on to compose the instrumental parts. Then we worked together to flesh out the structure and fill out the rest of the lyrics once we solidified what exact vibe we were going for."

According to the duo, the project was first conceived several years ago and has slowly lifted off the ground. At the core of their music is the meaning behind the project's name. "It’s an anagram for 'scatter brain,' which is a phrase that we think is not only a descriptor of us as people, but also of our musical influences and in turn a lot of our creative output," Lucia explains.

"People can expect more lyrical-focused songs exploring both organic and digital sounds, trying to make a space that juxtaposes the emotion and the sterility that modern society forces on us," says Lucia. "We released 'want to be' first not just because it was the first song we worked on as TABRE TANSRIC, but also because we feel like it's a happy medium for the different extremes that we'll be taking our sound to. Deadlines are hard, but we have several more tracks in the polishing stages and are aiming to have a larger release later this year, with a few more teasers along the way."

In the meantime, check out the sublime 'want to be' below and look out for more from TABRE TANSRIC later this year.