Welcome back to our Plastic Platform mix series. We have a lot of incredible artists taking part this year (especially over the next few weeks) but today we bring you something pretty special.

Detroit-based electronic musician Jason Hogans first recorded under the moniker of :Brownstudy in 2005, when his debut album Tell Me More About Bubbles was released via Third Ear Recordings. Now, :Brownstudy returns with a new LP for the label, and to celebrate he's put together a rather special mix for The 405, featuring a pretty diverse selection of tracks.

You can listen to the mix below the tracklisting, or just download it and save it for later.

:Brownstudy's new album, Life Well Lived, is released on March 10th via Third Ear Recordings. Head here to listen to the title-track.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Beastie Boys - 'Ricky's Theme'
  • 2. Beanie Man - 'Analyze This'
  • 3. Vic Mensa - 'Suitcase (ft. Chance The Rapper)'
  • 4. K.Flay - 'Appetite For Consumption'
  • 5. Sade - 'Slave Song'
  • 6. Radiohead - 'All I Need'
  • 7. :Brownstudy - 'Stupid Dummy Dance'
  • 8. Moka Only - 'I'm Ghoulish'
  • 9. Mos Def - 'Casa Bey'
  • 10. Diane Cluck - 'Held Together (Let Go if You Will)'

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