Being human is a notion that bears close exploration for Welsh songwriter Bryde, and in latest single ‘Desire’ he focuses specifically on “our need for instant gratification”.

Produced with Chris Sorem and mixed by CJ Marks (whose recent production, mixing and engineering credits include Wolf Alice, PJ Harvey and St Vincent), the hard-hitting indie rock anthem is another relatable, brutally honest documentation.

Today she shares the visual representation inspired “by the symbolism of certain scenes in the movie Under the Skin where the alien’s victims walk of their own free will into a thick dark oil and to their demise.”

“When writing the line “smother everything” I was actually imagining these temptations as a kind of veil that can leave us blind to what’s right and stuck in a cycle. We’re drawn to sugar coated things that underneath are bad for us. It’s about desires as things or people we want and can’t often resist despite knowing they will bring us nothing but regret.”