Sincere singer/songwriter Bryde releases the poignant, atmospheric video to her moving new single ‘To Be Brave’. We caught up with her to chat about the making of the piece and the announcement of her debut album Like An Island.

This video has such a strong visual identity, can you tell me a little about its incarnation and direction?

I wanted to portray the idea of editing our lives. The song is partly a comment on the public personas or worlds we create and put out on social media, especially Instagram, proposing to be on top of the world and just having a brilliant time… all the time. So the video involves the idea of editing and we shot these moving portraits of people standing exposed. I think the weather was perfect for the idea of being brave in the face of adversity. The light and temperature in January was very exposing. I like the fact that it’s quite warts and all.. or as much as I could stand in today’s beauty obsessed world but ironically we did edit the footage down quite heavily because I wasn’t happy with the way I looked.

What made you decide to film in Dungeness? I've heard you're slightly obsessed with the place?

We originally went to Dungeness to shoot the album artwork. I don’t remember how I came across the place initially but I’d definitely seen photos on-line and knew it was a place I wanted to visit one day. I’ve been getting really into film photography over the last few years so my manager Jamie, suggested that we just jump on a train one weekend and head down there. So we did and it became clear that the location was really important to the visuals of the album, so it made sense to head back there for the video. It’s just so unique and stunning. To me it represents this feeling of being both vulnerable and strong. It’s got this really strong identity and there are so many strikingly different landmarks which are unique to Dungeness that it’s a ready-made backdrop for cinematography.

How was the process? Were there any challenges filming in such isolation?

Weirdly it’s not as isolated as it feels or looks. There are other far more regular towns and villages just outside the estate boundaries and although the only amenities in Dungeness are the two pubs, there are shops fairly nearby. We stayed in a beautiful airbnb just outside of Dungeness. The main challenge definitely came from the weather conditions in January. It was super windy and a bit freezing, although I’m glad we didn’t wait til February for it to warm up!! Because all our filming was outdoors we had to pop into the pub and the home of Paddy one of the residents we involved in the video to get warm every now and then…or the car I hired, Claire who also features kindly invited us into her home too when she saw us filming nearby. Meeting those local people was probably my favourite parts of the process. I love connecting with new people.

'Desire' also had a strong visual identity, where does your visual inspiration come from?

I have to give credit for the Desire video visuals to Rhys at Furball who made that video. But my visual inspiration these days definitely comes from a mild obsession with photography and polaroids. I love the work of William Eggleston, Alec Soth, Francesca Woodman, Vivian Mair and new, young art photographers like Lauren Withrow who shot some of my previous artwork.

We saw you released a stripped back version of this track in Berlin, how was it stripping it back to the bare bones? As it's quite an emotive one.

Filming that session was a joy to do. The song was written like that so I was just playing it in its original form but with the lapsteel on it, it really took on a new life. It has a different emotional quality in its solo form but I feel that its more powerful with he band and especially live.

You've announced your debut album Like An Island, is the overriding emotion nerves or excitement right now?

I think now that To Be Brave has been so well received I can relax a little more. I’m excited for people to hear the rest of it. I’ll definitely be nervous every time we release a single though from now until then.

What can we expect from the record, are there centralised themes you explore?

Much of the album is about the battle to become free of personal entanglements and then how good it feels to walk away and be independent. To be Brave is probably the only song that doesn’t fall under that banner.

And how would you describe the tone of the album, as for example 'Desire' and 'To Be Brave' contrast quite sharply? 

The tone of the album is like my and surely everyone’s mood, varied. I like to sing both really quietly and really loudly. Contrasting dynamics and expressing emotions are massively important to me in music. I sometimes find myself wishing I was one of those artists with this super-defined sound, where every song on an album is of a similar sonic palate and very focused, but to be honest I’ve never been that kind of writer and probably never will be. I like to show a few different sides to myself.

Can we expect to see any more video to accompany the record, perhaps another trip to Dungeness? 

Maybe! Any excuse, to be honest.

You're also heading out on a lengthy UK tour, how are you feeling about these dates? will you be visiting some cities for the first time?

I’ve never played in Spain or been to Milan in Italy so I’m really looking forward to those. I just love playing shows. The guys in the band are brilliant to be around and off stage it’s all silliness and geekery then we always manage to find this amazing energy between us when we get on stage… so I can’t wait to get out and perform every night.