Label: Unsigned Website: Earlier this year Texas based Built By Snow managed to not only release a new album, called Mega, but to also create a new form of music, which I like to call nerdyhandclapretrofuncore. Long genre title aside, the latest album by Built By Snow is 21 minutes of pure fun. Synths colide with beautiful harmonies, casio bleeps smash into lyrics about being weird and hand claps form the backbone to the poppy soundscape this unsigned band create. The entire experience is over before you can really grasp what just happened, which is kind of what lets it down to a certain degree. I can totally see why the band decided to make an album full of short and punchy songs but on a few occasions those songs were cut far too short. Even with that said, any album that can make you smile from to ear to ear is worth giving a chance. Rating: 7/10