West London producer Nathan Jenkins, better known as Bullion, has already illuminated several of his captivating inspirations on his increasingly hyped album Loop The Loop, of which includes Can, Bebop Deluxe's Bill Nelson, Fred Frith, Devo, and Thomas Dolby. Now, with only a few weeks remaining before the official February 26th release, Jenkins has dropped another giddy amalgamation of those influences with the adoring 'Never Is The Change'.

The track keys in on a tropicalia vibe, but is truly spread out, combining a cocktail of ambient and experimental structures with Jenkins' soft-lulling harmonies. Truly there's hardly a technique that can be quantified on the newest track, but that only adds to the lofty charm presented.

Listen to 'Never Is The Change' below and pre-order Loop The Loop today on Jenkins' label DEEK. The album can also be pre-ordered on iTunes, Amazon, Bleep, and Rough Trade.