When you hear that there is a men's fragrance on the market that's based around evoking the excitement and fun of live music, straight away you'd probably imagine what a gig actually smells like. Basenotes of sweat and, possibly, blood if things get rowdy, alongside topnotes of a quarter of your beer you ended up spilling down yourself and, if it's a festival, splashes of piss from the idiot who thought it'd be "proper bantz" to throw a cup of his own into the crowd. Luckily for us, the new Burberry Brit Rhythm, the first fragrance from Burberry since they moved their beauty operations in-house in April, smells like none of these. A leathery, woody scent with hints of basil, it aims to make you feel like a rock star about to take to the stage in front of thousands of adoring fans, and probably one or two partners of said adoring fans who were dragged along but they're not bothered because they get a drink out of it.

To celebrate the launch of Brit Rhythm, Burberry have teamed up with Noisey to realise that intrinsic link between fashion and music. When Brit Rhythm launched in September, the campaign saw Burberry giving away samples of the scent as temporary tattoos and putting on gigs in London, New York, and Singapore. At these gigs, Chief Creative Officer for Burberry, Christopher Bailey, worked with photographers to capture Instagram photos of these gigs. Noisey and Burberry have since collected all of these photos, as well as videos from the gigs and short films with bands, on Sound + Rhythm.

Focusing on those British acts who are going to make it big, such as London Grammar, Public Service Broadcasting, and Drenge, Sound + Rhythm aims to get rid of what they see as the stale interviews and sessions that you see everywhere else. Through the short films and written pieces, they hope to really get to the heart of what makes live music so great as well as celebrate these new, diverse acts, proof that Britain can actually produce something not from the Oasis Clone Factory. It's an insight into what it's like to actually be a band on stage in front of people; that adrenaline, that worry, but also that overwhelming excitement to get out there. It's the magic, the mystery, the sexiness, the sweatiness, and everything in between that both Sound + Rhythm and Brit Rhythm are trying to capture.

To find out more, head over to the official Tumblr here. Check out a video of London Grammar discussing their parents' records, below.