For London-based songwriter and producer Jess Bartlet, the road is looking to be paved with great potential and immense possibilities. Bartlet performs under the moniker Island Fox, a creative project for this hidden talent that writes, produces and mixes all of her own material. On Island Fox’s recent single ‘Comrade’, the DIY musician paints an aural soundscape that’s filled with effervescent colors and unquestionable spirit.

The track comes from her debut EP of the same name, a 3-song collection touching upon glimmering electronics, ethereal vocals, and otherworldly echoes. While the other tracks head down a path of experimental tendencies and faint vocals, ‘Comrade’ explores something more grounded, but still completely inventive. A blend of a triple pop threat—bedroom, electro, and dream - Island Fox’s attention to small sonic details and emotive lyricism excels in all the best ways imaginable.

Island Fox’s Comrade EP is out now via Life After Death and AWAL.