Eight years after teaming up for 'I'll Hurt You', Busta Rhymes and Eminem have teamed up again. Despite the near-decade layoff, the two high-energy forces are as quick and furious as ever on their newest collaborative triumph 'Calm Down'.

The 'Calm Down' title must serve some ironic priority, because Busta and Eminem do anything but on the cut. The two trade off spirited verses paced by Scoop DeVille's obvious 'Jump Around' sampling, seemingly swapping more difficult rhymes in an unspoken contest. Busta even drops "Fahrvergnügen" in his lead in verse, somehow making that work out.

Eminem takes on the second half, furling steady insults to literally Mary Todd Lincoln. He names her "Mrs. Abraham Lincoln" so there's a chance Em didn't know her name when he wrote this. Outside of that little bit, he also manages to play off the endless negativity of the internet, saying, (in character) "I sit in front of my computer all day and comment on/Everything, I'm an expert on everything, everything sucks, play the next song." So the negative comments don't seem to be stopping him.

'Calm Down' will be features on Busta's upcoming LP E.L.E. 2, which comes out later this year. Until then, listen to the track below or order it on iTunes.