Buzzy Lee, the pop project of Sasha Spielberg, is debut a new EP, Close Encounters of Their Own Kind. A homage to her favorite of her father's films, the record is an enthralling creation, constructed with warped edits of tracks from Tommy Mandel's album Mello Magic.

The EP is the result of a collaboration between Spielberg and producer Justin Raisen. The nostalgia-drenched tracks are meticulously crafted, with particular care put into the manipulations of Mandel's original tracks. Spielberg's voice, airy and sun-kissed, floats over the tracks, evoking the best of the beach and the summertime.

"This EP is sneaky good," says Raisen, who describes the record as one of his favorite projects. "Buzzy Lee is the future of her own breed of pop music and she's not afraid of anything."

You can stream Close Encounters of Their Own Kind from Buzzy Lee and Tommy Mandel up above.