There is a beautiful irony to understanding our place in the universe. The vast expanse of space can make our thoughts turn inward, only to realize that our lives barely register in the scale of history. A similar epiphany led BVRGER to write 'Cooper', his new single and the first from his forthcoming EP.

“We all face that moment in life where we stop and wonder who and what we really are. When this happens, we start doubting everything. I found a balanced answer by looking into space. That helped me resize myself and how I portray other people, big egos and competition. We are too small to carry such a weight for the short time we exist.” – BVRGER

There are two types of people: those afraid of what life may hold and those that realize their time is short. BVRGER is the latter, here to preach about the wonder that still awaits us. On 'Cooper', he acknowledges that there are internal struggles that can hold us back, but, in his words, “nothing is too big if you look up and disappear in the stars.” Fluttering keys complement the central bassline; the song’s energy moves freely, just as we should in order to claim that we’ve truly lived. Time to disappear.

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