C. Diab is a musician from Vancouver, who makes music largely from bowed guitar and trumpet. However, his compositions are fleshed out and muscular, his unique playing and production of these instruments becoming a sonically gripping force. On March 30th he will be releasing his second album Exit Rumination.

C. Diab says of the album Exit Rumination: “it became a deep sonic exorcism which took on its own face during the recording process. The final product can be understood as various stages of a path towards acceptance, and the struggle to maintain sanity in the face of life’s most unforgiving themes, love and death.”

Those tumultuous, battling feelings within him can be heard in 'Postdrome', which we bring to you today. 'Postdrome' is five minutes of seething rumination, his bowed guitar audibly cutting its way forward, its texture granular and its lifeforce insuppressible. As the guitar cuts swathes in the song, around it are carefully manipulated tape loops and layers of guitars, which swirl between slashes of the central strident instrument. The overall picture is like that of a troubled mind, fuming around one enraging issue, while several sub-thoughts flicker around, imbuing it with more detail and fuel to keep burning its path forwards. 'Postdrome' is a song that swallows you whole and makes you fully embody the turbulent feelings of its creator. Listen below.

C. Diab's Exit Rumination comes out through Injazero Records on March 30th, pre-order it here. He'll also be playing an album launch party in London at the Servant's Jazz Quarters on May 2nd - tickets here.

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