Last year, C Duncan released Architect, one of only a handful of albums that I would give a perfect ten, seriously. Now is the perfect time to listen if you haven't yet discovered that album; you've got enough summer memories to fill a good montage and it's close enough to all being over with for another year to incite that pensive mood.

Anyway, a year of touring and being nominated for awards followed and somehow amongst it all this guy has already found time to record another album, so save your difficult second album bullshit for someone else. The Midnight Sun is being released on Fat Cat on October 7th.

To help you prepare, and/or cope with the wait, we are proudly premiering the video for lead track 'Wanted To Want It Too'. Of which, Mr C Duncan himself said "The video matches the mood of the song perfectly. It is a tricky one to do because of the nature of the song, but Helen has made a beautifully subtle yet dark nightclub feeling video without it getting too over the top. The wonderful mask design really adds an element of mystery and a brooding quality to the overall piece."

Director Helen Plumb had this to say: "The video for Wanted To Want It Too is about a night out. The song invokes anticipation, longing, excitement and in contrast, fear, obsession and the unexpected. We chose a heart stealer as a metaphor to interpret these feelings. 3d designer Laurie Rowan constructed a mask to give the character anonymity and mystic. The heart stealer symbolises the suspense and emotions you may experience on a night out. We wanted fiction to overlap with reality. The video was produced in black and white in low light to focus on events rather than locations. The macabre twists of The Twilight Zone influenced our ideas reflected in our shots of the streets of Brighton in ordinary alleyways, regular streets. The parts that no one looks at."

We hope it whets your appetite:

You can pre-order the album here, and you should.