C. SHIROCK debuts stunning new single ‘Lost To The Night’ and it’s brimming with emotion and sentiment. Chuck Shirock, previously frontman of internationally renowned band SHIROCK, delivers an emotion-charged release in his latest track and it’s melting even the coldest of hearts.

The passionate song, which was co-written and produced by Thomas Doeve, sparked inspiration after a conversation between Doeve and Shirock. Doeve expressed how his brother had suddenly disappeared one night after struggling tremendously with PTSD from serving in the military and he hadn’t been seen in years. Shirock confides: "He told me the heartbreaking story about how his brother had disappeared and abruptly cut off communication with his family after suffering with PTSD from his experiences in the military. As we talked and processed the situation, we started asking, 'if we had a chance, what would we say to someone we’ve lost?'”.

This compelling and heartbreaking narrative is written to give a relatable portrayal for others who have lost a loved one, whoever it may be. Sonically 'Lost To The Night' features Shirock’s powerful vocals, melancholy melodies and shimmering instrumentation. C. SHIROCK continues to bring his impressive musicianship and contagious releases with each and every release and we wait in anticipation for the next.

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