Cairobi is an internationalist band, with its five members originating in Austria, Italy, France, Mexico and settling together in the world's most international city, London. Their track 'Please' is available for streaming and it's the first we've heard from them.

Sounding like a yearning call into the still of night, it's a half-delicate, half-intense number that has at its core a love of looping and repetition (signifying a background in dance music perhaps), with samples chopped and stuttering between fragments of singing, propped up with slices of thundering drums. Ambient vox-style chords wash warmly beneath the scattered percussive refrains as chiming and ticking insectoid sounds twinkle throughout.

With its roots seemingly nowhere yet everywhere all at once, this calm, experimental exploration of sound is certainly interesting, with a moreish vibe to its elements that have led to multiple listens today already. Join us and listen below.

It arrives from their Distant Fire EP, which is due out on 23rd February via Week of Wonders. The tracklist is below.

Cairobi will be playing a free entry show with Fiction at The Stillery, London, 4th March. More info here.

  • Distant Fire tracklist:
  • 1. Zoraide
  • 2. Perfect Strangers
  • 3. Human Friend
  • 4. Please