Label: Names Records Release date: 29/11/10 Link: Myspace The forthcoming single from Caitlin Rose is certainly a lovely treat. Heavenly vocals combine with dreamy instrumentals, making ‘Learning to Ride’ a perfect remedy for a cold autumnal day. Rose dispels the common Country and Western image held in this country, see Billy Ray Cyrus and line dancing, to produce something both credible and heart-warming. This track, like so much of her debut album Own Side Now, sees her dreamy vocals fall effortlessly, creating a distinct vintage feel to the song. Coupled with a soft guitar, heart wrenching lyrics, such as ‘he chewed me up, spit me out just the same, oh’, and underpinned with honest, the single flows with a true vintage feel. It provides a prime example of Rose’s ability to write perfectly crafted, timeless indie/pop/country songs, relying on the talent of her vocals and simple guitars. The toe tapping B-side ‘Spare Me’ does its job perfectly. It forms a musical extension from the lead track, taking the aforementioned aspects of vocal and lyrical ability, and mixing in more complex instrumentals. This track almost feels like an extending of the olive branch to mainstream music from the country genre. What makes both tracks quite special is their focus upon love and heartbreak without pure focus upon the conventions of melodrama. Heart wrenching, pure lyrics are given without the need for huge swells; ‘Love is just one more useless thing you don’t need but you can’t throw away’ tumble from her lips with no sense of grandeur, and it is much better for it. With vocals much like Zooey Deschanel, of She & Him, and perfectly paced instrumentation, Caitlin Rose has certainly earned the critical acclaim she has received of late. The single acts as a beacon of talent taken from the album, showcasing the reason why everyone should keep at least one eye on this young Nashville performer. Photobucket