It's Friday. One of the last Friday's of the year. You're exhausted from working all week and you just want someone to keep things real with you. Someone with the perfect amount of sass to entertain, but also give you faith that not everyone enjoys being terrible in a terrible year like this. What you're looking for is Caitlyn Scarlett.

Pop's new charismatic star has just released her brand new single 'Posession Of A Weapon,' which is one of the first songs she's written with her producer Eddy Atlantis (UB40 and Roll Deep). It's a perfect combination of attitude and honesty and it's what your Friday needed.

"Possession of A Weapon is a caricature of my state of mind about a year and a half ago," she says. "I had had to move out of London back to my mother’s house for a few months, which really felt like a fall from grace. I couch surfed and bounced between relationships just so I could be in London to do sessions and meet people. The song emulates the world of seduction and ambition I was living in at the time. Feeling very cocky and saturated with culture was a side effect of the lifestyle."