We all know that nothing compares to watching a film in a cinema. Dark room, surround sound, usually brilliant screen and obviously the popcorn. Sadly it’s generally new films that are screened, up until now. Some lovely people have started a California Classic season which will resurrect four classic films at six locations across the UK. The films in question are Milk, Bullit, Chinatown and Sideways and will all be shown with an introduction filmed on location in California.

Tickets are being given away for free and there’ll be free Californian wine (assuming you’re over 18) and popcorn. To have a chance of going to one of these fabulous films all you need to do is register on the California Classics Facebook page before each screening. Tickets are randomly allocated and everyone who registers will have the chance to win a holiday to LA.


Remaining dates are:

Chinatown – 28th March

Sideways – 4th April.

Locations: Brighton’s Duke of York Picturehouse, Edinburgh’s Dominion Cinema, Liverpool’s Picturehouse at FACT, London’s Hackney Picture House and Prince Charles Cinema and Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema.