King Shelter are a foursome from California who have been working hard over the last few years since they formed, building a reputation in the LA suburbs of La Mirada and Orange County, self-recording and releasing an album and an EP, before moving to Los Angeles city to continue blazing their trail into the scene's legendary rock scene. They seem set to make a big impact when they release their proper debut studio album $hame this spring.

Having unleashed the vital and vicious 'Teeth and Claws' just a couple of weeks ago, King Shelter are keeping their foot on the accelerator by following it up with the monumental 'Blue Pigz'. Whereas their songs can often reveal their cynical and critical nature, which couples perfectly with their caustic guitars, 'Blue Pigz' is a more benevolent viewpoint, looking through the darker parts of society and offering appreciation and acknowledgement of the important things. Lead singer and guitarist Taylor Hecocks explains this further:

"'Blue Pigz' is a song that values perspective. We are not taking any stance on any particular issue. This song simply states issues and identifies pride. And regardless of all this chaos, I want to die next to the ones I love, the ones who are important to me. In relation to the album, this song is the most sporadic. I'm disappointed in mankind's priorities. Why do we focus on these things? There are such great feats to be obtained. 'Blue Pigz' is my turn to be someone else for 2 verses, and to let every individual know that I am interested not only in spending life with them, but death as well - if they're willing to be my friend."

Through the song's rough and tumble 4 and a half minutes you can hear Hecocks and the band fighting with their own natures, striving to see the bright side of humanity, eventually launching into the roaring revery of the chorus: "I want to die with you/ I want to live with you." Ascending to this chorus and descending back down to the depths of frustration a few times, the excitably erratic 'Blue Pigz' exerts itself as an audibly cathartic and grittily joyous rock song that has the potential to set any live show ablaze with that deeply human feeling of overcoming disappointment.

Listen to 'Blue Pigz' below.

If you happen to live in Los Angeles then make sure to catch King Shelter tonight at The Echo. For everyone else, keep up to date with King Shelter on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.