In their calling card Don't Say A Word, Callahan delivered a statement of intent of the shape of things to come, and with their debut single Cover Story Glory, they delivered an anthem that has echoed across the country. Bands however have never made their name from the humble surroundings of a studio, they earn their reputation on the road and this is exactly what Callahan have done. The last two years has seen them take to the roads of Canada on four different occasions, each time gaining more experience to becoming seasoned pros. Lessons have been learned (touring in the Winter is quite unpleasant it seems) and new material has been given the acid test, now it was time to move to phase two. With new material ready to be delivered to a world audience, all that was needed was to record it and put it on compact disc. In October of 2007, our faithful sextet traveled to Hamilton Ontario to record what would be their debut album with Juno award winning producer Julius "Juice" Butty who had previously worked with fellow Canadian peers Alexisonfire, City and Colour, and Protest The Hero. Over the course of two months, Callahan along with Juice put down tracks in Metalworks Studios, joining musical luminaries such as Guns N Roses, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Talent and Prince in recording there. With phase two now complete, it is now time for the next step, the constant that drives all members, the love of the touring. This time however will see excursions adrift in previously un chartered territory. Now veterans of the road, it is time for phase three to kick into full effect, first Canada, then the world. The405 were lucky enough to talk to Callahan's Chris Stiles and Andy Cole. Check It Out! Just for our readers at home, can you tell us who you are, where you're from and how and when the band got together? Chris: My parents named me Christopher Jay Stiles, i grew up in vancouver and still love it here. i joined this band about three years ago. i was asked to audition while i was at a skatepark riding my bike with absolutely no past experience, i said "fuck it" and went and gave it a whirl. that was then, this is now, we are a stronger band than anyone could imagine. Andy: Im Andy from Callahan from Vancouver, BC. The band originally formed in June 2002. It was Paul, Craig and myself playing more mainstream rock. Our other guitarist left and we got Paul’s brother Alan to join the band. Stiles ended up joining the band in March 2005. We changed our musical style to what you hear presently, and changed our name to Callahan. Revill joined in March 2006 to round out the present lineup that you see and hear today. Did you have any initial aims with regards to the sound you wanted to create or their content when you formed the band? Chris: nah man, i was just a kid who liked to shout and shit. Andy: We just wanted to be as original as possible. I’m sure that is a common answer that you hear a lot, but so many bands in our scene latch onto the most popular sound of the time and just copy it. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from that and try something unique. Where or form whom do you draw your inspirations when writing new lyrics and music? Chris: oh jeez, i listen to so much different stuff that i take inspiration from. i try to mostly draw from personal experience but that's not to say that other people have nothing to do with the writing process. i have been listening to a lot of fleetwood mac lately, as well as the new fear before record that is absolutely phenomenal, and i accidently stole an old method man cd the other day so that has been playing a lot too. i like to not limit myself to certain genres or trends that may be going around, music is music, people need to learn how to realize the difference between talent and artistic value/originality. the music industry has gotten so diluted and watered down with absolute shit that people have forgotten what their ears are for. Andy: We all listen to different music, but bands such as Misery Signals, Savannah, and Alexisonfire are bands that we all enjoy on some level and they have definitely attributed to the sound that we have. When I first saw the cover art to your album, I recognized it immediately as being designed by artist Dan Mumford. How did Dan designing the cover for the band come about? Chris: while we were recording said record i was doing the ol' bum around on myspace and stumbled across him and immediatley recognized the gallows stuff. i ran it by the other guys and everyone seemed stoked on him so i just dropped him a line and the callahan ball rolled its way on over to the UK. when it rolled back it fucking crushed anything in its path. Andy: As Stiles mentioned, we contacted Dan over this myspace thing (i hear its getting pretty big, you should check it out) and he agreed to do the album. We all saw his art style and fell in love with it immediately, as it really had an epic feel to it which is very much what we were trying to accomplish with the album. We figured because he worked with bigger acts he wouldn’t be able to do it, but he said he would and that was rad. I can imagine that any band getting the chance to record a debut album would be something of a real accomplishment! But what was it like recording your first album with the producer of JUNO, Julius Butty! Did you find that this brought a little more added pressure to deliver? Was it a surreal experience and what was it like working with Julius? Have any of you even seen Juno? Andy: Minor correction. Julius didn’t produce the movie Juno. He is however, a Juno award-winner. J Finding out we were going to be working with Juice was a huge thrill for us. We are all big fans of the bands he works with, and I still think “Watch Out” is the best-sounding record I have ever heard. When we originally sat down to talk about the producers we would like to work with, Juice was #1 on our list. We didn’t think he would be interested based on the fact that most of the acts he works with our quite big, but he came out to see us at a show in Toronto and agreed to do the project. Chris: recording with juice was an honestly life changing experience, from the day we met him there was great chemistry as people and artists so it was a great match right from the get go. i am always nervous recording , it doesn't matter how long i've been doing, i don't let anyone watch, all that shit, but with juice it was just like this fun experiment we were doing together. Canada has certainly been producing a truck load of awesomely talented bands for a good while now; such as Alexisonfire, Protest The Hero, City & Colour, Cancer Bats and Callahan (of course ) to name but a few. How has it been trying to get Callahan out there to get the recognition the band deserves, when there are so many other bands; such as the ones previously mentioned, to contend with? What have you done to make sure that Callahan does not become over shadowed by or compared to these names? Chris: we are completely original, sure every band has their idols and we all have things that inspire us, but i can't think of another band that has our same sound. like i said earlier, the music industry/our music scene is so watered down and diluted that no one knows whats good anymore. if a "cool" kid in a city listens to a shitty band it spreads like a disease and we lose what was a once decent human being to a disease known as "broken ear syndrome". Andy: Just try and be as unique and honest as possible. If people are able to connect with you and your music on a personal level, and find something in it they have never heard before, even in the most subtlest of ways, you will forever be stuck in their minds, and I believe that is what has made the bands you have already mentioned so successful, is that they have been able to do just that. If you could have another film director/producer produce your second album, who would it be and why? Chris: i would like to see a callahan musical directed by wes anderson, i have been a big fan of his work for years and i just think it would be a blast to do something like that. Andy:I am a big Brian McTernan fan, as I find he is really good at that epic style (he produced Thrice’s Artist In the Ambulance, Moneens The Red Tree, the latest Bled record, amongst others) that we really try and push as well. If you could tour with any band or musician from the past or present who would it be and why? Chris: wow, i could write a novel on this. first and foremost, stevie nicks circa 1987, just as tango in the night was being released. she is such a mystery, i would just love to sit down and have a chat with her even today and just have her tell me stories about her past. every time i die seems like that'd be a blast too, but again, who wouldn't say that these days. i just want to tour with people that are doing this for the same reasons as i am, to have fun and not take life so fucking serious. sure there are things that need to be taken seriously and dealt with, but if we let ourselves become slaves to unnecessary worry and stress, we dig ouselves a hole and tend to stay there.let's just float. Andy: I would love to tour with a band like Silverchair, although I don’t know if that’d ever happen. It’d be pretty amazing to tour with Alexisonfire, Thrice, Misery Signals, or Underoath as well, as I think they are all amazing live bands. Where did the creation of the name Callahan originate from? Chris: tommy boy, the chris farley movie. chris farley was a huge inspiration to all of us before his passing. now, in death, he will live with all of us in our hearts on stage every night. And finally, where do you hope to see the band in 3 years time, in terms of doing new projects (e.g side projects) and any other personal aspirations you each have in life? Chris: callahan will never break up, we are here to stay. as far as other projects and thins are concerned, andy and i had been talking a bit about starting up a little side thing. just a mellow keys/vocals thing, very different than the callahan stuff. personally, i have been writing for years and i was thinking of trying to get enough stuff together(poems, short storie etc...) to perhaps release a book. a friend and i had been working on a small clothing line that i'd like to see a re-birthing of in 2009. i have been really interested in a lot of different things lately and i would love to just dabble into a lot of different things. Andy: I expect in the next 3 years we will be doing much of what we are already doing. Touring, Touring, and more touring. Although at that point I would expect we would be touring our second record by then. Chris: Is that it? the interviews over? oh, ok. well have a lovely day then, if you see anyone without a smile, just give 'em yours. You can check out more from Callahan by visiting their MySpace here * Special thanks to Andy Cole for making this interview possible.