To create a perfect band i think it's important to have a good balance you either have one main guy who tells everyone what to do or you have a democracy where everyone has a say on everything and everything is shared, Calories are the latter so that's my model for this band with me as the manager telling everyone what to do. All the people I've picked are near enough the same age to have a bit of banter and they’re all American so they can talk about baseball or pizza or something in the van. Photobucket Vocals: Evan Dando Girls love Evan Dando he's good looking and he's non threatening despite being a bit of a junkie, he was even in some girly pop magazines in his hay day. The important part though is his voice it's so deep and sad sounding, everything sounds like pudding i think he'd be good to talk to on the phone. my favourite line is "I can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend / What if something’s on TV it's never shown again / It's just as well I'm not invited I'm afraid of heights" i don't think he wrote it but it's still a great line. I'd make sure Evan drank a lot of coffee during recording and I'd get him drunk before gigs just to keep the energy up. Photobucket Bass: Lou Barlow I saw Dinosaur Jr recently and they sounded massive, like an elephant wearing a cool coat. I think allot of that has to do with J Mascis playing through seven amps or whatever it was but part of it is Lou, he basically covers the bass and rhythm guitar quota. He's a strummer, it's a popular theory that bass players are frustrated guitarists and i for one can say that the theory is sound however Lou doesn't need to play guitar in this ban so he can rock out more which I think he enjoys. His voice would go nicely with Evans I think. Photobucket Guitar: Nels Cline Nels is my favourite guitarist of the last few years, he's played on hundreds of albums, some his own, some as a guest session guitarist. He’s currently playing in Wilco. Nels can play anything Jazz Rock Country Avant Garde you name it. The best thing about Nels Cline is that he can play full on virtuoso guitar solos and he can use a million effects pedals to create atmospheric beeps and squelches but he shows restraint always servicing the song rather than his own ego like another old cliché it's the notes you don't play that count. Photobucket Drums: John McEntire John Mcentire is not only an accomplished drummer he's an engineer/producer to boot and an all round good egg. Like Nels Cline he is capable of showing restraint which is admirable, no body likes a show off. I saw him play with Tortoise earlier this year and he reminded me of a snooker player crossed with Voldemort, what's not to like? You can visit Calories by heading to