As Cam Maclean, prepares the release of his debut solo LP -- Wait for Love, due out on July 6 -- the Montreal singer-songwriter has been dropping some phenomenal tracks, and the latest might just be the best. 'Light Cast' features a gorgeous instrumental atmosphere and some of Maclean's strongest vocal to date. To make things even better, a gorgeous video, which you can stream below, accompanies 'Light Cast.' In it, Maclean is seen crooning the night away throughout the frigid yet beautiful winter landscapes of Montreal.

"Shot over two very cold February nights in Montreal, the video tries to capture the conflicting feelings of loneliness and resilience that are in the song," says Maclean. "We wanted to cast a light on our frozen winter landscape. The video tries to convey both an impetus to grieve and the strength to move on. Our small crew was thankful to the frozen, sleepy city of Montreal that we could lug and install a gutted piano throughout the city without question or incident."

Check out the video for Cam Maclean's 'Light Cast' above and pre-order his forthcoming LP Wait For Love, due out on July 6 via Atelier Ciseaux Records.