PAX is not a cheap venue to hire by any means and yet a mysterious stall was opened with a bloody looking computer screen showing looped images of code, a freaky logo called Camdrome and various footage of people dying in bizarre ways.

All we have to go on is that this 'game' on its boot-up sequence between each video shows data. One of the first videos in the embedded video below shows data for a file on Azumi Muto, who was a Japanese model murdered in 2007. How bizarre and disturbing. Some Reddit users are reportedly trying to decipher the rest of the code to see if it mentions more murders or has a connection.

If this is actually a game, this could be the closest thing we have to a videogame adaptation of Videodrome. All we need now is James Woods and a really perverse Kinect 2 interaction to enhance this experience...

On second thoughts, that would be terrifying!

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