Label:4AD Release date: (08/12/09) Website: Camera Obscura's sweet winter ditty 'Blizzard' cannot fail to charm. Despite the decidedly Deep Southern twang of their guitars the band hail from Glasgow, and their unique sound has landed them currently on an extensive world tour. 'Blizzard' is, obviously, a Christmas single to add to their many-stringed bow of quirky old-skool pop, on the back of their latest album, My Maudlin Career. Lead vocalist Tracyanne's silky voice is complemented perfectly by soft guitar, gentle backing vocals, twinkly xylophone, and a few wintry sound effects for good measure. Although it is that time of year, in terms of sound this is saccharine at its most powerful. It is a lovely, sparkly, cuddly piece of pop, and it tells the story of a man dying in the winter cold to boot, but it's not hugely substantial. While it echoes the melodic, alt-folky-indie-ness of their previous releases, it's lacking some of the swing, soaring sensations, and uplifting bite of their previous songs. Perhaps something to curl up by the fire with, but little else. Nice, which was presumably the intention, but not really standalone stuff. aint it touching Rating: 6/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!