German-Polish musician Holger Czukay, best known as one of the founders of krautrock band Can, has died at 79. According to a police report, his body was found inside his apartment, with both the cause and exact date of death currently unknown.

Having initially trained with legendary composer Stockhausen before even showing the slightest interest in rock music, he co-founded Can in 1968 with Michael Karoli; the band would eventually be regarded as one of the most seminal kraut/experimental projects, mixing influences as diverse as jazz, world music, electronic (Czukay is one of the pioneers of sampling), minimalist, avant-garde, and more.

After his departure from the group in 1977, Czukay released several solo albums which further cemented his place as one of the main forces in art-rock and musique concrète, such as the much acclaimed Movies (1979) and Rome Remains Rome (1987).

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