Christmas parties ay? Those brief few hours where it's deemed almost acceptable to photocopy various body parts, call your boss a douche and also when, FINALLY, the pent-up feelings of Jan from Accounting will boil over, and she'll scream at you for always using the CC function in emails directly to her instead of using the regular 'To'. You will of course claim ignorance, but are secretly pleased that a year's work at this has come into fruition.

We suggest you do something a little less passive-aggressive and head over to Rich Mix, where a fine evening with fine music will be brought to you by the good chaps at Canadian Blast and the not-for-profit music organisation Oui Oui.

Oh, plus we're proud to be sponsoring it too.

The event is on December 5th and is free entry, and featured will be the gorgeous sounds of Zooey supported by Canadians Maylee Todd and Saidah Baba Talibah. Festivities commence from 7:30pm with Canadian Blast and Oui Oui DJs spinning records between sets.

Listen to tracks from each of the artists below.

Canadian Blast Vs Oui Love: 5th December by Canadian Blast