From Tim Darcy and Ought to Women, which eventually became Viet Cong (and then Preoccupations) after the passing of Chris Reimer, Canada has become a breeding ground for post-punkers and art rockers alike, but within the confines of the burgeoning scene lies the Ontario outfit Deliluh. Almost two years after releasing their self-released debut LP Day Catcher, the band has announced their latest five-track mini album titled Oath of Intent with the release of ‘Freeloader Feast’, the first track from the forthcoming project set for release on May 3rd via Tin Angel (UK/EU) and Telephone Explosion (CA/US).

A meticulously constructed art-punk burner, ‘Freeloader Feast’ sounds as if it was birthed directly from a headspace flooding with collective unease. As a chugging bassline drives listeners into nihilistic depths, the track’s motorik rhythm combined with the deluge of looming feedback cause this experience to feel hypnotically inescapable—and somehow that’s a good thing. Recalling the late Mark E. Smith with his spoken word delivery, frontman Kyle Knapp—though slightly less unhinged—unleashes anxious commentary on the conflicting human psyche, untethered by the ringing refrain, “The first string’s untied.”

The track’s music video, which was shot by John de Courcy on chemically dictated/destroyed 16mm film, depicts the band’s friends and neighbors pondering personal struggles. Though the subjects’ words are inaudible, their worn faces and expressive hands attempt to and arguably reveal more about the human condition than words possibly could.

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