Canadian outfit Dizzy have released their first new music since last year’s impeccable debut Baby Teeth in the shape of new single ‘Twist’. It’s another heavy-hearted piece of dream pop with despair hidden beneath luscious layers of warming guitar strings and reverberated vocals. “There is a hole that’s inside of my chest, in the place of a heart that’s the shape of your fist,” Katie Munshaw sings. It’s a visceral, provocative choral hook, yet its delivery is so lightweight that it’s emotive significance almost passes you by on first listen.

Speaking on the song, lead vocalist Munshaw explains “Where Baby Teeth was more written about bedrooms, parking lots, restaurants and movie theatres, the new stuff is coming from a well of travelling and touring. Twist is really about missing someone so badly that you see them places and get really excited, and then realise it’s not them. It's about the hold someone can have over you even after they've left your life.”

‘Twist’ is the first song to be lifted from an upcoming EP released this summer through Communion Records. The band’s time on the road has informed their process and is moving on from the insular bedroom style of their debut to more expansive ideas. This new track is a welcome addition to the band’s sentimental, starry-eyed style of relatable sad pop and is an exciting sign post as to where they’ll be heading next. .

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Watch the behind-the-scenes making of 'Twist' and the new EP:

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