The music of Canadian musicmaker dojo. is always bound to toy with your ears, taking them on a journey of pulsing, thumping, sometimes trap-flavoured beats, sumptuous synths, and delicate ornamentation, with a seeming mastery of the richness of sound, as well as the difference between loud and quiet.

His latest track, 'at last', made as a celebration of moving to Montreal and starting afresh somewhat, is illustrative of his sound: huge waves of synth chords rocked by achingly slow, sparse kicks and snappy snares, gentle moments of quiet where blooping notes and delicate chimes freshen the air with fragility, a breezy house-flavoured section featuring a VGM-type melody. It's all there and it's delicious.

He shared this note on the track's description:

In a new city. Time for some new sounds.

Love you guys! This time last year I had 500 followers. Thank you so much for the support homies <3

He now has 8.9k followers. This is what SoundCloud is for: new artists sharing sounds with people curious to discover and fans wishing to listen.

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