Over the past year or so, Canadian rapper EverythingOShauN has begun to capture everyone's attention. His 2017 EP Almost Everything was one of the year's most striking hip-hop releases. The Brampton, Ontario-based artist hopes to build on that success with a two-part video series, which begins today with the video for his single 'Pylons.'

"With 'Pylons,' the premise is that the pylons are obstacles I'm trying to dodge and I'm trying to get back to where I was before," explains EverythingOShauN. "The female represents everything: She is the female I'm trying to fix things with and she represents the very problems I find myself in. Being in the car is my peace, and doing what she does next is the chaos. It's both, it's everything -- as with reality."

Check out the terrific video for EverythingOShauN's 'Pylons' above.