What? I know. It sounds crazy, but it's actually probably one of the best ideas for a music video I've heard in a long while. And a great publicity stunt because I'd never heard of Roble Regal (try saying that 10 times as fast as you can) but now I have, thanks to this seemingly altruistic idea of his; I say seemingly because if it is a bit of promotion, then it's not at all altruistic.

What is the idea? Roble Regal, a Canadian rapper, received $5,000 as a budget for a music video he was to shoot for a track called 'Decebruary'. Instead of making a totally pimped-out visual for the song, he deposited the money in a PayPal account and made a cryptic treasure hunt of a video.

In the lyrics, visuals, and meaning of 'Decebruary' is hidden everything you need (apparently) to work out the password and email address of the PayPal account. It is as yet unclaimed.

I love treasure hunts. Why don't more people do this sort of thing? As for Roble Regal's music, it's hazy and glistening, and filled with narcotic nocturnal malaise – you can really float on it.