If you wondered what forcing your Survival Horror franchise into a Call of Duty mould feels like, ask Capcom - it plans to cut its annual forecast due to poor sales from their attempted blockbuster title, Resident Evil 6.

According to Gamasutra, Capcom cut ¥3.3 billion yen from its estimated annual profits as sales of Resident Evil 6 were “subsequently weakened” after launch.

I almost want to say that I’m not surprised, but I would be lying if I thought that the dramatic change in Resident Evil’s overall direction would result in low sales. I thought a newer and larger mainstream fan base would have been enticed by Resident Evil 6. However, it seems my sentiments about the game rung true amongst many gamers – That or the series is proving to be more and more of a niche market.

Alongside this swing of poor fortune, Monster Hunter 4 has now been delayed until March 2013 in Japan, which doesn't help Capcom's profit situation at all.

Come on Capcom, release an HD Resident Evil 2 on EVERY console and you’ll be able to swim in piles of money like Scrooge McDuck and smoke infinitely replenishable cigars like Cyril Sneer.