The lawsuits haven't stopped flowing since Megaupload was forcibly shut down in January 2012, and the newest is coming from some of music's biggest record labels.

Spurred on by the recent legal action of Hollywood's six major film studios, Capitol Records, Sony, UMG, and Warner Music (who are all represented by music industry body the RIAA) have launched their own copyright infringement suit against the late file-sharing website and its creator Kim Dotcom.

The lawsuit, which is available to read in full here, claims Dotcom and his employees "willfully engaged in, actively encouraged, and handsomely profited from massive copyright infringement of music." And "played an active role in ensuring that [Megaupload] had the most popular content on its servers"

Dotcom's attorney Ira Rothken spoke out against the lawsuit and shifted the blame to old media's near-sightedness in a statement published by Ars Technica:

"Our first response is that the RIAA, the MPAA, and the DOJ are like three blind mice following each other in the pursuit of meritless copyright claims". "We believe that the claims against Megaupload are really an assault by Hollywood on cloud storage in general as Megaupload used copyright neutral technology and whatever allegations they can make against Megaupload they can make against YouTube, Dropbox, and others."

Despite the controversy and ongoing legal troubles, Megaupload has relaunched as MEGA.