Fresh from the studio to your ears, the 405 is here with an exclusive premiere for you to enjoy. We present the official remix of CAPPA's latest single, 'Goddess', by Washington, D.C. producer, Eau Claire.

CAPPA (Carla Cappa) is a Philly native and current Nashville resident gaining popularity with her sleek pop songs that make you yearn for Friday nights. Eau Claire is one of the most sought after "newcomer" electronic artists and remixers. And with their powers combined, you have an electro-pop song fit for a night on the town.

This remix eases on the bite of the original song. Un-remixed 'Goddess' has that late summer vibe and a bit of sting to it to get you pumped for the night ahead. Eau Claire's official remix smooths that over and takes you straight to 11:00 pm; that feeling when you quick gulp the last of your drink because you can't get to the dance floor quick enough.

So, take this time to enjoy this exclusive premiere of Eau Claire's remix of CAPPA's 'Goddess'. And whether you're at work or school, feel free to daydream of good times. It's okay - the weekend is right around the corner.