We'd love to start a post about Captain Murphy without exploring exactly who he is, and it seems a fellow Soundcloud user feels the same way.

"dope shit! i'm not obsessed with who you are at all bro. shit is retarded. i'm only 30 and remember a time when you didn't always know what you fav rappers looked like, what they did with themselves outside of music and really we didn't give a fuck. it's all about the music. fuck this twitter fuckin youtube mentality of trying to know everything about a motherfucker you dig tunes by. thanks for being out here doin the shit anonymously and killin shit. maybe one day the internet will explode and we can get back to the essence."

The latest track, 'Immaculation', plays on the Brainfeeder connection, cementing the fact that Flying Lotus is the main brain behind this project.

I guess we'll find out more when their/his/her debut album, Duality, is released on November 15th.